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As I begin this endeavor, I declare that there are absolute truths; and I say that in direct resonse to some who smile and snicker as they would have the world believe that we can make it up as we go along ... do whatever feels right, and that's ok. ... It is not so. At least, that's my opinion ...

I'm just saying ... a blog by Jerry Lombardo

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Subject: Transgendered Six Year Old's

As many of you, over the last few years, I began to hear more and more the word 'transgender' and similar terms.

Slowly, I began to read of more and more adults claiming such status. OK by me. Free Country.

However, that whole notion when it came to children really made me scratch my head: Here is one example - just skim it and read on -

Mom fights for 5-year-old's bathroom rights 02:05 http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/13/opinions/trump-true-views-on-lgbtq-rights-holbrook-opinion/index.html#

I quickly penned a fast note to me for later: I really am not a homophobe, nor hateful of any good person...

Yet, how can this be possible? And, I know this sets me up to be called hateful, bad, crazy, ... but How can a five year old [any child] be in the process of 'transgender'?!!

This is child abuse! [Perhaps not this particular case - I am not privy to details - maybe there were physiological birth anomolies that demanded a decision?] However, she cites studies of how different things 'impact' such transitions ...HOW MANY CASES ARE THERE? [That there can be 'studies' done. Whose paying for this kind of care? Who is delivering it?]

I am sick. /this IS a plot - a very sinister plot; and I don't care if it turns out that I'm the one that seems crazy. Wow. How can this be true.

Then the other shoe dropped as I began to read about the rights of transgendered 6 year olds being imposed upon... almost daily. Dozens of cases of transgendered children.

Hmmm. What's that again? Transgendered Children?

I'm just saying, Look,  where I grew up, and when I grew up - which was not that long ago - or that far away - it was, is, a crime for a Parent to bring a child to an MD, Surgeon, or Psychiatrist - and declare [or have one of the 'doctors' proclaim] that the child is really the opposite gender - trapped in the wrong sexed body... AND we must 'help' it with therapy, drugs, and surgery. CRIMINAL. No Doubt.

AND IF- any, or all, of these adults acted on this absurdity - people would be tried and convicted of child abuse - pure and simple...and go to jail.

So, how are there thousands of these poor children being horribly abused and confused by the parents, adults, professionals in their lives? HOW?


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017  I have never been a 'business man'; never developed budgets, implemented policies - heck, mostly even let my wife do the taxes (she was a genius); the closest I got to business in college was Economics 101 ...but even I knew, immediately, as I listened to President Trump talk about these new changes in tax cuts and law changes ...it is absolutely brilliant!

At least to [me] the average person. I love $12000/$24000 at $0 (!) and then 152% ... 25% ... and up to 35% is revolutionary... PLUS - most can file on ONE SINGLE PAGE. I love it.  PLUS he (President Trump) adds, companies investing in hardware, buildings, improvements ... which now gets 'written off' over 5-7 years [I think] now can be (if passed) written off immediately IN THE SAME YEAR ... @100%  - it makes me giddy - just imagining the improvements and investments this will encourage across the country.

Wow. I almost wish I were a business man!

To be fair and add balance, I cringed and quietly muttered when I read [long ago now] he (President Trump) would relax and repeal many laws and regulations that curbed pollution and poisoning of our water, soil, etc.  We've  improved some kinds of pollution but can do much better.

10/9/2017 7:06:22 PM [tongue in cheek] I would venture to predict that Kim J. U. will not be watching the next NK missile launch with a group of old fat men in the nearby field with binoculars... but from some hole in the ground 3 miles deep(!) [with a group of old fat men]. A terrible jest; I ask you forgive it, please. I am nervously optimistic that this will not lead us to WW III - at least I pray so - as I know NK will launch another missile; that part seems inevitable. I can't see us acting on this type event in a military way - not yet - not in the light of day - but we do live, today,  in a world without precedent. I guess I joke because I cannot understand this in a rational way. Lots of fair game for any good cartoonist...but there is nothing really funny in any of it. jl


October 21, 2017 Am I One of Those Conspiracy Guys?

Gee, I hope not... some of those guys are crazy... .


So, I had to ask myself ... Am I? So, I'm just saying ...


Well, I do believe we were lied to in a large way about 911 ... at least the government should admit - 'yes, there was a decision to demolition those buildings'. I saw it. We all did. And, no plane seems to have hit The Pentagon [maybe they blew it out of the air and had to cover it up ... I don't know ...but we all saw it. I'm just saying...


Also, [of course!] I do believe there is a group more powerful than the elected government; and the latter never tells the former what to do or when. The former is in control always. The push for 'one world system' is very real. I don't know if it is sinister (seems yes but...) ... again, hey, I'm just saying...


I believe JFK was shot by a conspiracy of greed and power - Oswald was a stooge [btw this will not come out in the upcoming 'big' release of FBI documents]. These are BS files that will show foot work by folks who didn't know ... not unlike the poor firemen on 9-11 on one side of the 2nd Tower and didn't even know the 1st had disintegrated.


I believe there are beings upon the earth with super human knowledge [probably either direct or are a part of that deep, hidden, government ... or dynasty(s). Power, control, ambitions far beyond my imagination or yours.


I believe our 'Progress' [Technology] is *Super Natural. Without Doubt. Marconi to Microsoft - in a 'flash'.

*Not from the mind of the natural man [Human] [Adamic man].


I do believe there are beings, other than [Adamic] humans, upon the earth.

I do not believe they are 'aliens'.


Want to read more? Read my coming book. I Am, and, I Am Already Here...

October 19, 2017 Treasonous

What some are doing to misconstrue heartfelt statements made by a The President to a grieving wife - is downright treasonous. It is unconscionable for Politian's to mislead the people of this nation [and 'News Agencies like 'CNN right up on top of the list]. It's appalling, and it is wrong. And it is purposeful! Perhaps to the point of criminal. AT the very least, it is shameful.

And, this it is unbelievable [to me], how this incredibly stereotypical in caricature, backwards, and offensive, Democratic Representative from Florida [Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson] can turn the events into such an offensive spectacle - and not lose her credentials. She ought to be ashamed of herself.

Oct 22 2017 - Thank you General Kelly... and I am so sorry that these unconscionable people continue the spectacle. I am without words. Thank you.

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