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As I begin this endeavor, I declare that there are absolute truths; and I say that in direct resonse to some who smile and snicker as they would have the world believe that we [men and women of faith from all religions] are crazy opposite their 'make it up as we go along' logic ...situational ethics ... and 'anything goes' if it feels good. They say 'we don't want, need, or believe in God; I say He has been with us from Adam through today, that He led good men and women to found and build this great country. I believe He lives, leads, and guides us and it in our endeavors ... if we have faith. I say much more ... but its a process ... so I will try and share it a little at a time. Thanks for stopping by... and let me introduce you to my little world by way of my 'blog' ...

I'm just sayin' ...

a blog by Jerry Lombardo

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Subject: Transgendered Six Year Olds    Tuesday, October 10, 2017/ Revised Oct 23, 2018


In the last few years, I've heard, more and more, the word 'transgender' and similar terms with growing interest. Media seemed to want me to believe there were millions in every city, every town, every village, college, high school ... and suddenly ... kindergartens.

I learned there seemed to be more and more young adults claiming such status. OK by me. Free Country.

However, that whole notion when it came to children really made me scratch my head: Here is one example - just skim it and read on - and I'll get to my point.

Mom fights for 5-year-old's bathroom rights 02:05 http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/13/opinions/trump-true-views-on-lgbtq-rights-holbrook-opinion/index.html#

I quickly penned a fast note [to myself, for later - to pen a composition ... a 'post'. Understand, really, I am not a homophobe, nor hateful of any good person... on the other hand, I do not believe our moral codes, our characters, are 'situational' or that we ought to change our moral foundations to suit 'the times'. Yes, we need address [have and are] genuine injustices; many of which are far more important than these matters.. but here we are.

So, I asked myself...

How can this be possible? And, I know this sets me up to be called hateful, bad, crazy, ... but How can a five year old [any child] be in the process of 'transgender'?!!

Now, understand this is not an accusation in the particular - but an observation in the general: This is child abuse! [Again, perhaps not this particular case - I am not privy to details - maybe there were physiological birth anomalies that demanded a decision(?)]

Even so, the writer cites studies of how this, and that 'impact' such transitions and I was immediately prompted in my mind to ask ...well...HOW MANY CASES ARE THERE? i.e. ...that there would be so many 'studies' done? Whose paying for this kind of care? Who is delivering it? What Doctors are doing this to kids?]

Sigh, I am 63 years old. I get how out of touch those few questions paint me ... but, I'm not the idiot some would suggest. These things make me feel sick. Not the people caught in the challenges of such feelings and choices - I love them the same as I love myself...

That said, I can't help to go on to say that /this IS a plot - a very sinister plot; and I don't care if it turns out that I'm the one that seems crazy. Wow. How can this be true. A small percent of differently thinking people got very very wealthy and are bent on changing the very country we live in...to suit themselves. Tail wagging the dog ... and it worked!

I digress. Complex subject for any format...

Hmmm. What's that again? Transgendered Children?

I'm just saying, Look,  where I grew up, and when I grew up - which was not that long ago - or that far away - it was, is, a crime for a Parent to bring a child to an MD, Surgeon, or Psychiatrist - and declare [or have one of the 'doctors' proclaim] that the child is really the opposite gender - trapped in the wrong sexed body... AND we must 'help' it with therapy, drugs, and surgery.


AND IF- any, or all, of these adults acted on this absurdity - people would have been tried and convicted of child abuse - pure and simple...and go to jail.

So, how are there thousands of these poor children being horribly abused and confused by the parents, adults, professionals in their lives? HOW?

And, yes, I know some might add a quick retort like ... they used to burn witches too ... but, I am not talking about burning anyone... I'm just saying some tricksters with very powerful personal interests and agendas have taken our desire to be fair to all - and used it against us...

How can we allow adults to change the sex of children? Any adults? Any Children? [Beyond birth defects or anomalies?]

And, again, if an adult wants to have a gender change - that's their business.. God Bless them... .

I'm Just Sayin' ... .

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October 21, 2017 Am I One of Those Conspiracy Guys?

Gee, I hope not... some of those guys are crazy... .


So, I had to ask myself ... Am I?

So, I'm just saying ...

 ... ...

... Well, I do believe we were lied to in a large way about 911 ... at least the government should admit - 'yes, there was a decision to demolition those buildings'. I saw it. We all did. And, no plane seems to have hit The Pentagon [maybe they blew it out of the air and had to cover it up ... I don't know ...but we all saw it. I'm just saying...


Also, [of course!] I do believe there is a group more powerful than the elected government; and the latter never tells the former what to do or when. The former is in control always. The push for 'one world system' is very real. I don't know if it is sinister (seems yes but...) ... again, hey, I'm just saying...


I believe JFK was shot by a conspiracy of greed and power - I believe he bumped heads also, about issues of disclosure and the power of the CIA outside the Presidency. Oswald was a stooge.


I believe there are beings upon the earth with super human knowledge [beings with unimaginable long life spans] who work to direct 'inter-generational' [very long term] plans they want in place upon the earth. Today, these 'people', directly and indirectly, influence those powers that be upon the whole earth. Designs on power, control, - ambitions - far beyond my imagination or yours... powers and principalities as *scriptures teach.

*I am not a nut - these are simply biblical principles stated in unique ways. jl


I believe, for example, our 'Progress' [Technology] is 'Super' Natural [i.e. superior to what the mind of any natural man would conceive in the natural environment]. Without Doubt. Marconi to Microsoft - in a 'flash' was not a natural step.

Technology we have today, after having none for a period of 6000 years - and, then in a hundred years or so, we are on the moon!

These things are not from the mind of the natural man [Human] [Adamic man]. They were influenced in some kind of super natural/super human way - be it by God or 'Good' or His Adversary or 'Evil' ... but for sure, it seems to me, one or the other.


So, I do believe there are beings, other than [Adamic] humans, upon the earth.

... I'm just sayin' ... .


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